Steve Harding

Steve Harding is a modern day troubadour who has traveled extensively in Europe
and throughout North America over the course of the last 30 years playing music. He
signed with BASF Records of Holland and received worldwide airplay on the BBC,
Radio Netherlands, as well as NPR Radio and other stations throughout the world. Steve
has played many folk & country festivals including the Enschede (Holland) International
Folk Fest; Cheyenne Frontier Days; & The Hoest Fest, the International Scandinavian
in Minot, North Dakota & many others.

His original song, Dark Eyed Lady of Sonoma, was selected from thousands of
entries and included on the Sonoma soundtrack album.


Cobblestones   By: Steve Harding

Steve's radio play: Cobblestones, a musical, is based on his true life adventures
traveling Europe. Cobblestones was aired throughout the Mid- West, parts of Canada,
and on many Public Radio Stations such as Prairie Public Radio.
After playing coffee houses, clubs, and busking around Northern Europe & Spain
for 2 years Steve was joined by two friends from California in Germany. Their band,
known as Luke Warmwater, was written up in Derspiegel Magazine. They toured
opening concerts for Bill Haley & The Comets.
Luke Warmwater then journeyed to Amsterdam, the hippie mecca, of wandering
Troubadours & Travelers in the 1970's era. They recorded two of Steve's original songs:
Piney Mountain Home and Sweet Mama on a single with BASF Record Label of the
Netherlands and published by Chappel Music. The 45 received extensive worldwide
airplay on the BBC, Radio Netherlands, and Wim Bloomendahl's popular Hilversum
radio show.
Luke Warmwater performed at major music festivals and events throughout
Europe such as The International Enschede Folk Festival and The International Country
Music Festival
in Utrecht, Netherlands. They did live radio gigs while touring and were
based in Amsterdam where they performed regularly at top clubs such as The Folk
Fairport, The Cosmos
, and the famed Melkweg. Luke Warmwater recorded two more
albums: Harmony Grits and Where Were You Before on Munich Records. These vintage
albums are still in great demand online and considered collector's items.



Cobblestones & The Troubadour   By: Steve Harding

In 2007, Steve's radio play: Cobblestones & album: The Troubadour were on the racks at Borders in the central coast of CA and samples can be heard on  Steve & Elizabeth performed at several Borders stores to promote the package which was selling well.  Harding’s self-produced album, The Troubadour, is slated for international re-release in 2018 on The Mountain Road Label. 


Travels With Steve & Elizabeth   By: Steve & Elizabeth

Steve & Elizabeth perform Americana music (country, folk, & blues) at wineries, clubs, festive events, & at several charitable fundraisers in CA.  Elizabeth is co-starring in Down And Out in Amsterdam Blues. A video that
she Co-Produced and Directed with Steve and aired on their Public Access T.V. Show
Travels With Steve & Elizabeth, Channel 2, Charter Communications in San Luis
Obispo County, CA, U.S.A.

Please go to the TWSE tab to see more about the duo's T.V. Show: Travels With Steve & Elizabeth