Travels with Steve & Elizabeth:


We currently reside in California & perform Americana folk music. We began our collaboration in our Public Access T.V. Show: Travels with Steve & Elizabeth which aired once a week on Public Access, Channel 2, Charter Communications in San Luis Obispo County, CA, U.S.A.  Our show expanded to 3 times a week including prime time. Our video & shows clips have been aired globally numerous times via the World News Network, and are on YouTube, and the internet. 

Travels With Steve & Elizabeth includes original music with footage of our performances at wineries, clubs, and benefit shows. We weave our music and film with subjects that we are passionate about. Our show also gives a spotlight to musicians, artists, authors, and humanitarian issues.



Music Videos: & Documentary Series:


Elizabeth co-produced and is starring in the music video, Down And Out In
Amsterdam Blues,
with Steve Harding. Several of our video clips from Shewmuze
Productions L.L.C. (TM)
were aired worldwide via the World News Network.

Down And Out In Amsterdam Blues

We produced Mother Nature Is Speaking. Are We Listening? (TM) opposing PG & E's high seismic testing along the central coast of CA.  Our environmental film was shown on Travels With Steve & Elizabeth and a sample clip is
currently airing on Youtube as the first in a series of documentaries with the same title.
Mother Nature Is Speaking. Are We Listening? (TM) has been aired throughout the
world on YouTube, World News Network, and on the internet.

Mother Nature Is Speaking. Are We Listening? (TM)